Dr. Belter "Sensi-Bel" Rosacea Treatment

The Dr. Belter "Sensi-Bel" line was developed to help skin with broken capillaries, erythema, and skin prone to allergic reactions and eczema. Soothing and balancing  medicinal plant extracts have been combined with the latest patented ingredients to visibly improve this sensitive skin type.

Couperosis Mask

Complexion-enhancing cream mask with jojoba and shea butter. Deeply moisturizing with hyaluronic acid spheres to soothe and reduce erythema. Phyto-complex firms and stabilizes the tissue. Also contains anti-aging factor resveratrol. Grape-polyphenols give the skin a healthy glow.

Delicate Day Care

A mild moisturizing fluid for very sensitive and strained skin. It is free of perfume and colorants and suitable as a 24-hour care preparation. Highly pure and mostly skin-identical ingredients soothe and smooth the skin immediately. Substances like vitamin E, lecithin, shea butter, squalene, allantoin and liquorice root extract support the skin's protective functions and counteract skin aging.

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