Epilfree Hair Reduction Treatments

What is Epilfree?

EpilFree is a natural hair reduction treatment that is clinically proven to give you long-term results without the use of machines and has been sold successfully throughout Canada and Europe. EpilFree treatments are safe and effective, using a combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients. After a series of treatments managed around your body’s natural hair growth cycle, you will see dramatic improvement in hair texture and hair reduction...all without the use of machines. As an added bonus, this product is effective on dark skin types and light-coloured hair.

The Science Behind Epilfree

Hair has 3 distinct structures involved in treatment:

Shaft: The visible part of the hair above the skin. Made up of a hard protein called keratin, the shaft is composed of 3 layers: the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The medulla and cortex give the hair its pigment while the cuticle provides a shingle-like outer layer.

Follicle: Resides in the skin. At the base of the follicle is the papilla, which contains capillaries (tiny blood vessels) that nourish the hair.

Hair Bulb: The living part of the hair which surrounds the papilla. In order to remove hair, the bulb must be destroyed. This is wear Epilfree does its work.

Treatment AreaWaxingEpilfree*
Upper Lip$10$40
Side Burns$15$60
Upper Lip$10$40
Full Face$45$180
Half Arms$20$80
Full Arms$35$140
Full Bikini$45$175
Half Leg$30$120
Full Leg$55$200
Tattoos - Small Area
(Size of hand or less)
Tattoos - Medium Area
(or larger)

*Epilfree price includes waxing

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