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LED Light Therapy

The Lightwave® Deluxe Elite LED light therapy system can help heal and rejuvenate the cells of the skin, effectively treating many skin conditions. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses LED lights that are set at specific wavelengths to penetrate blood and water in the skin cells to promote the healing of the cells that are causing the unwanted appearance. Most people do not realize that the problems they have with the appearance of their skin is the result of unhealthy cells. Since it is not an invasive procedure, LED light therapy allows the client to receive the treatment that their skin needs without having any recovery time. While every individual will be different, most people will be able to see visible changes after the first few treatments. Subsequent treatments can do even more good.

LED Light Therapy treats areas of:
– Aging
– Cellulite
– Scars
– Stretch Marks
– Flaccid Skin
– Pigmentation
– Thinning Hair
– Acne