We offer complimentary consultations prior to receiving any of our services. Please be sure to book
one along with your first facial appointment!

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Custom LA Facial – $70

This relaxing facial is anything but basic!

Includes skin cleansing with organic topicals and application of a topical mask, followed by a relaxing facial massage.

A serum treatment is applied as well as a moisturizer for a little extra protection. Makeup may be applied if time permits.

A Japanese aesthetician performs a facial beauty treatment on a young woman in Tokyo, Japan.

Student Custom Facial – $50

For students aged 18 & under, a Custom Facial is suited for each person and their specific skin conditions and needs.
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Little Princess Facial – $40

For kids aged 10 & under, includes a cleanse, gentle exfoliant, masque and moisturizing massage.


Facial of The Month – $95

A different Facial will be Featured each month, and will include bonus services and/or products that make it unique and amazing.

Look for seasonal favourites and Facials made especially for holidays like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween and Christmas!