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As a mom of 2 wonderful children, I know what a challenge it can be to slather the sunscreen on their adorable little faces.  It just takes one little bit of lotion in their eyes and that’s it – Game Over!  I am so happy to have found a solution for Happy, protected children!  Sunblock in a powder brush!  (And it’s on sale during the Month of May at LA Laser & Spa!!!)

ColoreScience’s Sunforgettable loose mineral sunscreen is a combination of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and offers a SPF50.

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“ColoreScience knows that every sunburn counts and that only 25% of kids wear sunscreen daily. One severe sunburn during childhood doubles the lifetime risk of melanoma. But, with proper protection, most types of skin cancer are 100% preventable. Whether at school, work or on the playground, ColoreScience believes that smart sun habits year-round are key to healthy skin.”

Great for us “big kids” too…  apply conveniently over your makeup throughout the day for protection all day long!  and… No greasy feeling or clogged pores:)

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