Would you like to quickly and easily remove skin irregularities such as skin tags, acne pimples, or small moles?

EpilScan treatments use high-frequency electromagnetic current that is attracted to water, oils, and blood to treat skin irregularities.  This process does not require anaesthesia, cutting, or stitches, and therefore minimizes or eliminates the chances of scarring. However, some downtime may be required for the healing process, as it often involves scabbing due to the dehydration and coagulation of the irregularity during the treatment. Post-care products are provided to aid in the healing process. We also recommend a SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion treatment (gentle microdermabrasion) of the area to speed up the healing process.

*Note: 2 to 3 treatments may be required depending on the size and/or depth of the irregularity. Healing times also depend on the size and/or depth of the irregularity as well as individual biochemistry and post-care.

Treats the following irregularities:
– Skin tags
– Cherry angiomas
– Acne pimples
– Clogged pores
– Blackheads
– Whiteheads (milia)
– Small moles
– Cholesterol deposits
– Broken capillaries
– Age or sun spots
– Growths (fibromas)

Single Irregularity


15 Minutes of Treatment Time


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